How To Make Your Outdoor Wedding Glamorous This Spring

How To Make Your Outdoor Wedding Glamorous This Spring

Posted on April 21st, 2023

Spring weddings are a celebration of everything, from the seasonal colors to the lovely weather and the beginning of some of the best months of the year. Owing to these reasons, most couples choose to tie the knot with their soulmate. The weather during spring is lovely, not too hot and not too cold, which gives you the chance to incorporate outdoor wedding events and activities as well! What’s more, you can enjoy your outdoor wedding photo session more during this season as well! While spring is an amazing season, we also understand that your wedding demands to look pretty, delicate, worthy of the season, and still be within your budget. If you’ve been dreaming of throwing a spring wedding this time around, and you want to throw a wedding that is stylishly wonderful, then we have just what you need! Our blog not only discusses some ideas that will help you improve your wedding’s look and setting but also discusses some brilliant ways to tweak the ideas that we put down for you. We love spring weddings, but more than that we love to help couples find ideas that not only make their wedding look absolutely wonderful and dreamy but also hits home with them. Without much further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Let’s Start With the Theme!

The first step to ensuring that your wedding is perfect and looks absolutely glamorous, then the first place to start is to choose your wedding theme. Spring weddings, especially outdoor wedding ideas are all about bright and vibrant colors, so choosing a wedding theme that works into that idea will be a great place to start. We love the simplicity of a white wedding theme, with colorful pops of colors, spread out. A white wedding theme, especially for an outdoor spring wedding. A white wedding theme will help you create a lovely setting and give an interesting twist to your wedding! What’s more, a white wedding theme looks delicate, lovely, and classy in every way. What’s more, even if your color scheme, the chosen ones, have to be changed last-minute, even so, a white wedding theme will look beautiful and will not mar it. Before we discuss the different colors and themes to be used for your wedding, let’s discuss this first. You can use different colors for every different aspect of your wedding, and make your spring look absolutely beautiful. This will help you create a vibrant and colorful wedding!

Apart from this, you can choose a regal-core wedding theme, or use a Moroccan theme. Now both of these color combinations and themes are exceptionally different and stark opposites of each other. While a regalcore wedding theme will make use of lovely blush and baby tones of colors, a Moroccan wedding theme will go heavy on deep and bright colors, along with some neutral tones to balance out your themes. Apart from the colors, the aspects and wedding details for a regal-core wedding theme will be interestingly delicate. On the other hand, the Moroccan theme demands bold details and even bolder accents. You can choose to use a wedding theme that makes use of tropical touches, and a gardenesque wedding theme that goes heavy on greenery and floral details, or even use pastel colors with dark accents for your wedding! All of these themes are colorful and inject more colors, vibrancy, and a sense of glam into your outdoor wedding. One of the best ways to make your wedding theme come to life, ensure that the floral details that you choose for your wedding are absolutely on-point and complement the color combination for your wedding. 

2. Overhanging decor!

To improve your outdoor wedding scene is to use blossoming and large decor. However, if you’re not in the mood to create something life-size, then how about using some overhanging decor? So, let’s start with our favorite idea- overhanging greenery! We love overhanging greenery decor because it is not as difficult on your wedding budget as floral wedding decor. Besides, we feel that overhanging greenery decor is versatile and can help you create a beautiful wedding set-up. If you’re throwing a wedding reception party outdoors, then you can have the area decorated with overhanging decor. If you have drapes, then you will have wooden supports for the drapes. Since you already have that, then why not use it for a better look? A great idea is to use the support for your wedding venue to hang your greenery decor ideas! You can use this opportunity to create a floating overhanging wedding decor! That said, you can also use this idea for floral overhanging decor as well. As for the greenery decor, you can choose to have an overhanging decor, smaller ones, over every table for your wedding guests, or have one large overhanging decor item in the center, and add some lights to it to make it look absolutely stunning. Another idea that we’d like to mention is to use greenery runners and have them decorated on the ceiling as your overhanging wedding decor!

Now that we have mentioned the most loved and known ideas, let’s talk about some interesting alternatives to these overhanging wedding decor ideas! Another great idea that we love, and think is absolutely DIY-worthy is a cotton cloud-like overhanging decor. Popular on social media and TikTok, these cloud decor ideas are dreamy, and lovely and add an interesting glow to your surroundings. So, we see no reason to not use them in your wedding decor ideas! You can use a few DIY cloud-like overhanging decors for your wedding decor, and use paint or colors to color the cotton cloud in your wedding colors! That said, you can also use these cloud-like floating decor items as a corner for your wedding guests to use as a photo backdrop. Apart from this, we have yet another idea that you’d love for your wedding decor! We all love balloon arches, but how about we use different colors and sizes of balloons to create an overhanging wedding decor item? This is especially a great option to add to your wedding if you have a big table, which allows all of your wedding guests to sit down next to each other and feast on the wedding dinner menu you’ve put together. You can also use this opportunity to create one big installation, which can be used as your overhanging decor, and have it installed above the dance floor.


As much as we love a wedding reception venue dressed in beautiful overhanging wedding decor ideas, we also love an outdoor wedding ceremony dressed to nines! Well, let’s say, your wedding ceremony is set to happen outdoors but your wedding reception party will happen indoors. Then how about, we use some more ideas for your outdoor wedding ceremony? Sure enough, your wedding arbor will play a crucial role. However, apart from that, we recommend creating a faux ceiling for your wedding. Depending on your budget, you can decide what goes up as your faux wedding ceiling. If you ask us, we love a greenery faux ceiling. You can use large blocks of greenery and flip them so that the grassy side is facing your wedding guests if they look up. To make your wedding ceremony look dreamy and glamorous, try using some neon lights to decorate your wedding ceiling. If greenery overhanging ceiling is not a great idea for you, then you can use bunting strings, balloons, or even string lights to create a faux ceiling, it will have the same effect!

3. Outdoor Warm Beverages and Seating Ideas

One of the other things that we absolutely love about a spring wedding is that you’ll have the chance to enjoy the outdoors more. The weather conditions won’t be too cold or too warm for you to stay outdoors. Even if you’re planning on throwing an indoor wedding, you can still enjoy and utilize the outdoors for your wedding.a of setting up an outdoor warm beverage station. The outdoor space, especially if you have a barn-style wedding venue, will serve as the perfect ba For a beautiful spring wedding, we love the ideckdrop for your outdoor beverage station. If you use a big table outdoors, you can either cover the table with a tablecloth that matches your wedding decor or let it be, the original surface of the table will give your beverage station a rustic look. You can use a small display to let your wedding guests know that this is the beverage station. Serving hot chocolate, tea and coffee will be perfect. You can also use some greenery, and some floral decorations to add style to your outdoor wedding stations. And to go with this, you can use a rustic seating arrangement. Since you’ll have an outdoor space to utilize, you can easily use some haystacks, tie them up and create small seats out of them. Use colorful pieces of cloth to add charming details to it. What we love the most about haystack seating is that it is budget-friendly, looks amazing, and adds an interesting detail to your outdoor wedding setting. What’s more, the colorful pieces of cloth used to make your haystack seats look complete can be mismatched, similar, or even contrasting shades of a color combination!

4. Tree Trunk Decor Ideas!

Whether you have an outdoor wedding or you use the outdoor space for your wedding’s cocktail hour and as a space for mingling with others, you can use elements in your surroundings to make your spring wedding decor look perfect! This budget-friendly decor idea uses tree trunks, string lights, and some decor, which is as budget-friendly as it gets. Another thing is that it is DIY-friendly too! All you need is an idea, and that’s what we’re here for! So, if you have a wedding venue with many trees with massive tree trunks, then you can use a few different forms of wedding venue decoration ideas. The first idea that we have for you is to use a tree trunk to display photos! From a memory table alternative to displaying your memories with your partner for your wedding guests to see! You can use polaroid clips or photo clips to attach the photos to the string lights on the tree trunks. If you create a photo display of those who have passed on to honor them, you can use the same idea. Another idea to use here is to wrap a string light around the tree trunk, and add a bunting string right below the string light to add a burst of color to your tree decor ideas! You can also use the tree to hang some hanging decor items to add to your wedding decor. This will give your wedding an amazing look and make it look beautiful. Another idea that we’d like to discuss is using a tree trunk and decorating it to make it an escort card display! Instead of coming up with an idea for creating an escort card display, you can use the same decor as we discussed earlier to display your cute escort cards. However, if you’re looking to choose a budget-friendly method to improve your wedding decor and still have it look stylish and creative, then you can try printing out or writing down the seating arrangement on a sheet of paper and pinning it up on the tree trunk. You can also use soft adhesive tapes to stick it up on the tree trunk! However, when you’re using a tree trunk to display the seat placements for your wedding guests, ensure that the escort card display is visible to everyone and is easy to find.

5. Floral Decor

Although spring wedding ideas tend to go heavy on floral decor, floral decor can be expensive and may lead you to burn out all of your wedding budget. Additionally, weddings in the spring season are usually decorated with some of the best blooms. Now, the thing is, since everyone is looking to use the same ideas, and flowers are in high demand, then you may end up getting floral decor additions for your wedding that may end up being too expensive, which is why we went over other ideas first. However, a spring wedding will not be a spring wedding if we do not discuss some of the best ideas for your wedding that can be budget-friendly as well as pretty for your wedding. You can use some pretty floral garlands for your wedding. You can also swap the floral runners, which can be expensive, especially when floral runners are in demand, you can use garlands because they will give you a similar effect. Another way to improve your wedding’s look is to pair some greenery with your decor. We suggest using a greenery garland, or even a eucalyptus garland around the mantle to add a blast of some colors to your wedding. You can also use the same around a fireplace if your wedding venue has one. You can use floral centerpieces for your wedding reception tables, especially if you’re throwing a round-table reception dinner. You can also use clear cylindrical vases, and add some colorfully painted eggs paired with a few stems of colorful flowers to the vase. This will give you a creative centerpiece for your wedding and along with that, it will also give you a budget-friendly wedding centerpiece for your wedding reception table settings.

6. Decor with Branches!

Let’s be honest, we almost did not mention this idea here, but with floral decor as our last idea, we know that not all of us are floral decor fans. So, this idea is for all those couples who are not big on floral decor ideas! Using twigs and branches for your wedding decor is a trend we absolutely love and adore. Twigs and branches can be paired with greenery and minimal floral decor ideas to make your wedding setting look absolutely stunning! One of the ideas that we like the most is using branches for your overhanging decor installation. To make your branch overhanging decor look stunning, impeccable, and beautiful, you can add soft string lights to the branches on top. This will help you create an ethereal look for your wedding, and that too on a budget! Another way to bring branches into your wedding decor ideas is to use dry leaf decor ideas along with the branches that will help you add charms. What’s more, you can use these for your wedding reception table decor as well. You can have two variations, one for the sweetheart table for your wedding dinner, and another for your guests. You can use your wedding bouquet as inspiration to choose the kind of flowers you’d need for your wedding decor ideas. That being said, you can also use greenery to add some depth and color to the wedding ideas. You can also create a whimsical photo backdrop, which is DIY-worthy as well! All you’d need is a corner in your wedding venue, divide it into two sections, mentally, the corner that is. Here add some greenery on one side and add branches on the other side, which will help you create a lovely photo booth location. This can be in the reception party area or around the reception area so that your wedding guests can make their way to the photo booth easily.

Apart from these, let’s talk about twigs and twig decor ideas for your wedding! You can use twigs to inject vibrancy and lovely colors into your wedding. We love pretty twig decor ideas for your wedding to use twigs for your wedding escort cards. Instead of creating a pretty card or even place cards, you can choose to use twigs for your wedding guests. What you’d need is as simple as a couple of twigs, and then tie them with a twine string. This will help you create a pretty look. You can attach a soft handwritten note with your guests' names. You can also DIY the tag that you attach to your wedding place cards for your guests. You can also test out a few different font styles to add to these tags. Apart from this, you can also use twigs to create a love cloche as your place cards. Since the card in a cloche will be larger than your regular place cards, you can easily add the names of everyone on a small sheet of paper. The last idea on our list for using twigs as your wedding decor is to use color-dipped cotton balls to create an illusion of flowers and add it to these branches, and pointy edges. Whether you have big installations of branches, or twigs, or have them hanging from the ceiling, colorful cotton balls will add an interesting look to these branches.

Some Extra Spring Wedding Decor Ideas for your Wedding

Apart from the ideas that we’ve mentioned above, here are some more ideas that you can use or tweak to make them a part of your spring wedding. These ideas are not as extensive or detailed as the ideas we’ve listed above, but we feel that these will make for some lovely additions to your wedding!

Floral Stems as Centerpieces 

Yes, we know, we have an idea above that uses floral stems and some colorful eggs. However, for couples who feel that a floral vase with colorful eggs is not their idea, then you can use this idea! This idea is classy, soft, delicate, and exceptionally good for money-saving when it comes to a wedding on a budget! You can have clear glass, and a small pot, and add a bright bloom to it! What’s more, this idea is minimal in nature, which is why we suggest coupling this one bloom with a few more flowers in a similar setting. You can also add a few colors to the arrangements. For example, you can choose yellow and red, white and yellow, or whatever color combination complements your wedding theme colors.

Uneven Candles as Table Decor

While we’re on the topic, how about another minimal way to decorate your wedding guests' tables? You can use lovely pillar candles. We recommend using white candles as they suit practically any wedding theme. However, if you get pillar candles in bulk, especially the colorful ones, then you can use them as well. You can use pillar candles of different heights, place them on a dish, and a few twigs with some greenery to make these your wedding centerpiece! Apart from this, if you want colorful candles, but your budget is running short, then how about using some spray paint or even paint on the candles? This will not only help you save money but will also give you a beautiful DIY detail for your wedding. Additionally, to add more pretty details to your spring wedding decor, you can also use some glitter dust and add it to the pillar candles, especially on the lower sides. If pillar candles are too much for you, you can also switch them out with tealight and votive candles! This will help you add a soft glow to your wedding guest tables along with glamorous pretty details to your wedding decor.

Colorful Mason Jars, Big or Small

One of the best ways to add more colors to your spring weddings is to use mason jars! One of the best ideas, in our opinion, and super easy to DIY, is to fill mason jars with colorful water, add some glitter, and use it as decor! You can create a pyramid out of these, or even use these glitter-laden mason jars to create a pyramid! This can act as a colorful addition to your wedding! That being said, there’s another way to add colorful charms with mason jars to your wedding! A great way to use it is to ensure that the color concoction is not very strong, meaning the pigments in the jars should not be too deep. Add some glue and glitter, to ensure that the glitter shows in your jars, without the need to be shaken. Next, add a single flower to the mason jar, or a small trinket, whatever suits your wedding theme. This will not only help you add a lovely color but will also help you create something special for your wedding. You can get your partner to help you out as well and have a blast playing with the colors, glitter dust, and flowers!

Colorful Drinks and Fruits

Another amazing idea that can help your wedding and elevate the setting is to use colorful drinks for your wedding! You can use big batch-style jars and fill them to the brim with some delicious colors! This will help your guests to help themselves to some cool drinks whenever they want and will also serve as a colorful blast to your wedding decor. You can use colorful fruit juices or have a dispenser for a few yummy cocktails, for your guests to help themselves too! Apart from this, you can decorate the station for your wedding juice or cocktail dispenser with fruits, or even sliced and diced fruits. We love this idea because it allows you to hit two birds with one stone! Not only do you have something for your guests but also add something to your wedding decor ideas.

Cool Place to Chill Outdoors!

Spring is a season of being outdoors, enjoying the outdoors, and the season at its best! A great way to use this to your advantage, we’d like to offer you an additional idea. You can use wooden stumps to create a faux-tent-like structure, drape some sheets on it and add some string lights. This space can act as a faux campsite, which will be a fun playground for children and adults alike. If you have some entertainment and fun games planned for your wedding, you can add them to the space as well. To complete the spot, you can use artsy or creative, or even vintage rugs for your wedding guests to chill out in!

Unusual Twig Guestbook

Twigs are great decor items, as we’ve already discussed. This idea, as we stated, is a little unusual, but all the more fun. Our idea is to leave longer twigs, longer than the ones you’d presumably use for your place cards, and a sharp tool at a table. You can use a signboard to explain the details to your wedding guests. So, what we recommend is leaving the twigs, a sharp tool, a glue gun, and a big board. Now, the guest book idea is to have your guests carve messages, images, or even small icons, whatever they’d like to leave you with, and stick it on the blank board, which will be their canvas. This will not only leave you with a creative wall hanging at the end of the wedding but will also encourage your guests to have fun as they leave some amazing words for you!

These ideas may seem a little out there, but we promise you, they’ll make your wedding look unique and stylish. The intention behind putting down ideas for you is to help you come up with some amazing ideas and nail your wedding decor. As exciting as wedding planning is, we understand that finding something that hits home with you may seem challenging. And this is why we don’t shy away from giving you ideas that sound a little out there, a little unusual, or even unbelievable! We hope that the ideas above help you to make the right decisions when it comes to choosing your wedding decor. We hope that these ideas, whether you use them as ideas or you tweak them, make your wedding look dreamy and give you amazing wedding photos!



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