5 Reasons to Have a Summer Wedding

5 Reasons to Have a Summer Wedding

Posted on August 7th, 2023

Summertime, and the living is easy … Those iconic Ella Fitzgerald lyrics have shaped the love of a generation for the season. There are so many reasons to have a summer wedding. Summer is high season for a reason, and endless opportunities for a stunning day abound. The long, warm, sunny hours, and everything that grows, make summer one of the best times to plan your wedding.

Every season has its own unique appeal, but there is something about summer that has stolen the hearts of bride-to-be’s over and over through the years. Everyone looks forward to summer – songs are written about it, kids rejoice at it’s arrival, and the potential for adventure fills the weekends. Here are five reasons to have a summer wedding. 

Flowers and outdoors and local produce, oh my!

Summer is the season for all things fresh and growing. With an abundance of fresh flower options, summer gives you free reign over your colour palate. Whether you want beautiful pastels, or vibrant colour, there is a flower to match your theme. Everything is better outdoors in the summer. Meals can be picnic style lunches, or seated evening meals in the garden, surrounded by twinkling white lights. And outdoor dances? Pure magic.

And fresh produce. Oh summer, the fresh produce is infinite. Fresh fruits and berries can easily stand as the star of your desserts, and crisp salads and grilled mains rule the season. Let farm to table and eat local highlight your meal, be it a summer brunch or an outdoor evening dinner.

Extended Daytime Hours

As a photographer, this is always one of my top reasons! A summer wedding gives gorgeous, extended daytime hours. The golden hour stretches, allowing ample time to capture those moments, giving you stunning photos to remember your day for years to come.

The extended hours also give you more time for an outdoor wedding. With summertime daylight hours there is no need to rush your ceremony, reception, and photos. Whether your start in the morning or the afternoon, daylight abounds and the entire day can unfold without worry about losing your light – unless of course you want that twinkling white light dinner!

Stunning (and predictable!) Weather

While rain can certainly have its own charm, if a sunny wedding day is what you are after, summer is definitely the way to go! Wondering what the weather will be like on your big day is inevitable, but for summer weddings, sunshine is so much more reliable. Fall, winter and spring can be unpredictable, and you never know if you are going to be rained out. But summer? Sunshine and warmth abounds, and this provides the perfect opportunity for outdoor weddings and photos. Not to mention build-your-own ice cream sundae bars, ice tea or lemonade stands, and sunshine-filled photo booths. Summertime is Travel Season

There are a host of reasons why getting married during travel season is ideal. Trying to decide on a honeymoon destination? Summer is high travel season for a reason. It is beautiful everywhere. Whether you want to explore a new city, lounge by the beach, or relax by a secluded lake in the mountains, summer is the ideal time for your honeymoon vacation.

Not to mention, summertime is traditional vacation time, which means out of town invitees are more likely to be able to share your big day with you. With multiple long weekend options, out of town guests or a destination wedding become a great option to consider.

Infinite Attire Options

Warm weather also mean an ever expanding list of attire options. With no fear of freezing during your photos, the options for more casual and free wardrobe choices are infinite. Suspenders and bowties? Short sleeve button ups? Sleeveless dresses without worrying about being too cold? Check, check and check.

Be it light and breezy chiffons for the bride, or sundresses for the bridesmaids, options abound. Whether you are aiming for a more elegant feel, or a barefoot-and-free vibe, summer weddings provide endless options. Not to mention, there is something utterly romantic about flower crowns in the summer.

There are so many reasons to have a summer wedding. Summer is high wedding season for a reason, be it the for the gorgeous whether (which means gorgeous photos), all the fresh flowers and produce, or simply the optimal travel time. For so many reasons it has been considered the perfect time for weddings, the perfect time to celebrate love. If you are newly engaged, consider summer as the ideal time to plan your wedding!

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