Venue Policies/ Terms and Conditions

Venue Policies/ Terms and Conditions


Thank you for considering All About Memories for your event. To ensure everyone’s safety and to keep our park-like venue a well maintained and safe location for future use we enforce the following standards and policies for all guests using the venue. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact All About Memories at 509-315-8998



Please see information about the deposits under the Pricing/Venue tours tab.

The NON-Refundable deposit amount will be subtracted from the total amount due to yield the remaining total amount due.

  • The remaining amount owed is due in full to the Owner within 30 days of the event or by the agreed upon date.  
  • All Wedding Package bookings require a separate $500.00 Refundable damage/cleaning deposit which is to be paid in full at least 30 days prior to the event. If damages exceed deposit amount, we will bill the card on file with the additional fees. If the venue is left in the same condition as you found it, you will receive your refundable damage deposit back. 

Overtime Charges

Please see information about overtime charges under the Pricing/Venue tours tab.

Cancellation Fees and Refunds

  • If cancelling a wedding event, a minimum of 120 days prior to the reserved date, a refund of money paid MINUS the non-refundable security deposit will be issued to the payment source on file. If cancelling a wedding event 90 days or less from reserved date, a 50% refund of money paid MINUS the non-refundable security deposit will be issued to the payment source on file. Wedding events cancelled within 60 days or less of the reserved date, forfeit all monetary refunds. You may postpone your event and reschedule within one year of the original cancelled date. Any moneys paid will be held for the new date set. No refunds will be given for new event date. Reservations may be cancelled or rescheduled only by calling All About Memories @ 509-315-8998

Code of Conduct:

  • Glitter (including glitter inside of balloons), rice and confetti are prohibited.
  • No smoking indoors. Smoking is permitted outside in designated areas only. Please dispose of cigarette butts in designated receptacles.
  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied and/or always supervised by an adult.
  • For safety reasons and to prevent damage and help preserve the beauty of the grounds we ask all attendees to stay out of the barked areas of the venue.  
  • If alcohol will be served a permit is required. Please see the WA State Liquor Board website for more information. Please click on the WA State Liquor and Cannabis Board for more information. Please have a plan in place for serving limits. To ensure guest safety please do not overserve your guests and drink responsibly. If you are serving alcohol, you will need to obtain a banquet permit for the event and the cost is $10.00 per event. You can purchase your permit online here: Banquet Permit. Please provide the venue with a copy of the permit at least 5 days before your event so that it can be properly displayed in the bar at the time of the event. You can send a copy of the permit to [email protected]

Pet Policy for the Venue

  • We at All About Memories, love our animals. However, we ask that you please leave your pet at home. Our no-pet policy applies to: Pets, Emotional Support Animals, Comfort Animals and Therapy Animals. Our venue does allow working service animals to accompany our members and their guests. Service animals are individually trained to perform work or tasks for people with disabilities. Animals whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA. Ref: RCW 49.60.040

Clean-up & trash removal

  • Wipe down all counters/tables – cleaning supplies under the sink in the bar.
  • Place all trash in designated receptacles.
  • Sweep the floors as needed. Broom located in the kitchenette in the bar.
  • If venue barware was used, wash the barware (dish soap in cabinet under the sink) and let air dry on the counter in the bar.  
  • Remove all personal belongings, including items from the refrigerator and alcohol brought to the event.  
  • Leave the venue as you found it.   

*** Failure to pick up trash or leave the venue in reasonably clean condition will result in funds kept from your damage/cleaning deposit.

Renter's Use of Premises:

  • Renter’s activities while on the Premises shall be limited to those compatible with use of the building/grounds. Renter is prohibited from engaging in conduct that is not reasonable under the circumstances. Owner reserves the right to ask any person or group of people behaving in an unruly, dangerous, or disruptive manner to leave the Premises.
  • The use of any flame is prohibited on the Premises unless approved by Owners. Use of battery-operated “flameless” candles is permissible.
  • Any fixture or furniture movement must be pre-approved by Owner, and Renter agrees to restore all areas to their original appearance at the end of the Event.
  • All coolers or containers holding liquid must be placed on a waterproof surface to avoid damage to the furniture or floor. Spills must be cleaned up immediately.
  • The Premises has a maximum occupancy of 75 attendees.


  • The Renter of the venue @ All About Memories agrees to pay for any and all damages caused to the venue property, including the buildings, landscaping and furnishings brought on by the Renter or any of their guests. 


  • Owner may use all Event photographs and video footage for promotional purposes, unless otherwise stated in writing by the Renter.

Event Insurance:

  • Event Insurance coverage protects the venue renter and the venue from claims of injury to attendees and/or damage to the venue.
  • All About Memories highly recommends those that rent the venue to have Event Liability Insurance $1,000,000 each occurrence, $2,000,000 general aggregate, naming the venue as Additional Insured and including a waiver of subrogation, and host liquor liability. You may obtain insurance by clicking on the link: EVENT HELPER.


  • 100% open vendor policy means you have the freedom to make your wedding uniquely yours, for no additional fees.
  • For events that include food and/or beverage service, Renter must provide Owner with the name and phone number of all vendors of food or beverage services at least 30 days before the Event.
  • At least 30 days before the Event, Renter must also provide Owner with copies of each vendor’s food and beverage licenses and copies of each vendor’s liability insurance. All licenses and insurance policies must cover the date and time of the Event, inclusively. If the Event will include alcohol service, this insurance must include host liquor liability insurance and MUST name Owner as an additional insured. Said vendor’s insurance must have a minimum coverage amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 in aggregate.


  • Renter has had the chance to perform due diligence and accepts the Premises “as is” and “where is.”
  • Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Owner from and against any liability for personal injury, property damage, or property loss sustained by any person (including but not limited to Renter’s guests, attendees, vendors, staff, and so on) as a result of any cause, unless caused by the willful act of Owner, or the failure of Owner to comply with this Agreement.
  • Owner will not be liable to the Renter for any loss resulting from an act of God, natural disaster, an emergency or accident of any kind, an act of the public enemy, war, general arrest or restraint of government and people, civil disturbance or similar occurrence, terrorist attack, general disruption of the Internet, or general inability of national carriers to make scheduled deliveries.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us @ 509-315-8998 or submit your request below. We make every effort to respond to all requests within 24 hours. Thank you, Ronald Flood and Jake Nigrelli with All About Memories, LLC